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Cargus becomes the first courier company in Romania that uses a PIN on Glass solution – Alpha PhonePOS, provided by Alpha Bank

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Cargus Romania and Alpha Bank Romania have signed a partnership to provide in the local market the most advanced card acceptance payment solution for delivery services.

Alpha PhonePOS is the first application launched by a Romanian bank which is capable to transform an Android mobile device into a POS terminal and allows contactless payment acceptance of debit and credit card or through other NFC equipped devices. By integrating this new technology into Android PDA terminals, Cargus will provide to their clients access to a flexible and secure card on delivery payment method without additional equipment.

The specificity of the Romanian market, however, is that consumers often pay in cash for online purchases. According to Cargus data, as many as 65% of all online buyers choose the cash on delivery option when delivering their parcel.

The demand for courier services is growing dynamically, mainly due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce. From now on, using this method, romanian consumers will also be able to pay without cash at any Cargus courier. The recipients of parcels will primarily benefit from the new cashless payment option.

Thanks to the strategic cooperation by using Pin on Glass solution on courier devices, the clients can make payments in seconds. They don’t need to have cash, change or look for an ATM when the Cargus courier delivers them the parcel.

Cargus will enable the card on delivery payment at all couriers initially in Bucharest and  from October throughout the country.

We are the first courier company in Romania, which introduce card payments using a Pin on Glass solution to Recipients and the first in Europe to provide a solution within a courier application. Payment by card is faster, easier and more convenient, you do not need to remember to have cash or change in cash to pay for the shipment on delivery. This is one of the next innovative implementations announced by Cargus in incoming months, which are to facilitate and increase the comfort of using Cargus services for all parcels Recipients” – emphasizes Jaroslaw Sliwa, CEO of Cargus.

Payment for the parcel at the Cargus courier is as simple as an in-store payment. It can be performed using a contactless payment card, a digital wallet phone or other wearable with contactless option. The payment instrument will be read using Near

Field Communication. In the case of amounts exceeding the contactless limit, the client needs to enter the PIN code on a dynamic keyboard displayed on the courier’s terminal.

Our research confirms that for the Recipients of parcels, making payments for collection should be convenient and fast, just like e-shopping itself. That’s why we have established cooperation with Alpha Bank and equipped couriers with the most advanced payment solution (PIN on Glass), allowing quick acceptance of card payments. Thanks to this, consumers, who choose payment on delivery will be able to make a convenient and fully safe cashless transaction using the contactless technology and the advantages of which they have already got used to – adds Jarosław Sliwa.

“Through the implementation of this new technology, developed in partnership with SIBS Romania, we succeeded in meeting companies’ requirements for which mobility is essential. We are pleased of this collaboration with our partner, Cargus, and we are confident that Alpha PhonePOS application will contribute to the extensive adoption of card payment on delivery to the local market.” said Cristian Dragos, Executive Retail Vice President, Alpha Bank Romania .

About Cargus

Cargus SRL is a leading logistics company in Romania, which has been providing courier and fullfilment services for over 30 years. In 2020, Cargus couriers delivered nearly 50 million parcels to over 13 million private recipients in the country. In mid-2021 Cargus finalized the acquisition of an independent QeOps operator offering comprehensive fulfillment services.

About Alpha Bank Romania

Alpha Bank Romania, a member of Alpha Bank Group, is a top financial institution with a history of over 25 years in Romania. The bank offers a diverse and modern range of services and products, both for the market segment dedicated to individuals and for the SME and corporate sector.
Alpha Bank Romania actively contributes to the development of the banking sector, with initiatives that include the launch of the first 10-year fixed-rate mortgage at the beginning of the 2000’s, which led to the creation of the local mortgage market, or the first covered bond issuance in Romania, in 2019.

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