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Ship & Go Partner

Join Ship & Go Partner Network!

Do you run a business? With Cargus you can easily increase profits and gain new customers

    Join Ship & Go Partner Network!

    Do you run a business? With Cargus you can easily increase profits and gain new customers

      100.000 Locations that become Cargus Ship & Go points are visible to app. 100.000 Cargus recipients and senders

      What can you gain from it?

      Extra profit

      For each Cargus parcel picked up or sent from you Location, we pay a commission. The money you earn on commission can be treated as an addition to your salary or spent on the company's development..

      New clients

      People who will come to collect or ship at your location can use your services.


      As our partner, you will have advertising on our websites

      How Ship & Go Network Point operates

      The Ship & Go network is a network of Cargus points where we enable the collection and delivery of courier shipments to our clients. 

      Our points are located, among others, in shops and service premises – wherever customers can conveniently bring a parcel, taking care of their everyday matters. 

      Our program works on simple rules – our partners provide the possibility of picking up or sending parcels at their point, and we pay them commission for each of them.

      Join our group, additional earnings and new customers are waiting for you.

      How our cooperation will look alike?

      When you join our Cargus best network Partners Points, we will provide you with appropriate training and provide all necessary materials. You will need a bit of free space to store parcels brought in by our couriers or customers. In daily basis courier will handle all to or from you, and your account will be credited with money for each handled service.

      And extra profits are not end at this stage for your business!


      Complete the application form.
      We will contact you soon.


      We will provide you with the necessary materials,
      give you access to our software tools and implement them in the your store.


      Customers will come to pick up or drop off the package, which will later be picked up by our courier.


      The commission from each parcel handling goes straight to your pocket

      Slide SEE WHAT OTHERS HAVE GAINED Mrs. Camelia is the owner of a local florist. Customers who bring parcels often remind themselves of name days or anniversaries, thanks to which they also buy flowers. In addition to commissions from parcels, Camelia has gained a few regular customers in this way. She earns about 1,000 RON a month on commission. Slide SEE WHAT OTHERS HAVE GAINED Robert owns a groceries store in a local neighborhood. After branding with free of charge his store with Cargus Ship & Go not only he has now new clients but he manages to differentiate from the additional 2 on the same street. Slide SEE WHAT OTHERS HAVE GAINED Vali is the owner of a small coffee house. Customers that come to pickup their parcels also order their delicious frappes and sometimes even grab a sandwich on their exterior terrace. He managed thus to get some new traffic even at hours usually with no traffic.

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