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Shipping solutions for your growing business

Whether your business ships large pallets to business retailers or small parcels direct to the end customers we can help your business logistic more efficiently. Our business shipping solutions features are more than reliable and flexible shipping options. Explore logistic solution and delivery option below that can help you offer more options to customers. Check our tools which automate your shipping process and make savings, manage shipping expenses, improve cash flow and reduce other every size business pains. Starting a new business? Get ideas in a free virtual brainstorming session with our Cargus Business Solutions team. Schedule your 10 minutes session now!

Options which take your business level up

Additional Shipping Solutions

Take advantage of our full range of shipping services, including local and domestic overnight as well click&collect, international and ground shipping, plus returns and billing options.

Pin on Glass at delivery

With the PIN on Glass Solution provided by Cargus in partnership with AlphaBank, payment for the parcel at courier becomes as simple as paying at the store. Payment can be made with any contactless card or using a digital wallet device.

Cargus Mobile for easy tracking

Customer service just got a whole lot easier! Simply instruct your clients to download Cargus Mobile App through the send confirmations and insert it in the delivery terms and conditions and leave the rest to us.

Last mile delivery

Multichannel delivery gives more option to your customers to choose and better manage shipments with estimated delivery windows, redirections and closer avizo pickups at Cargus Ship&Go locations.

Returns Management

Take advantage of solutions that make returns work for you and your customers. Centralize returns policy control, expedite refunds, and speed up the return of goods to inventory.

Tools and IT solutions

Simplify and automate your warehouse processes  and integrate all eComms platforms with ERP  and shipping tolls. Enhance your communication with customers. Our tools can make that happen.

Big resources for small business

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Ship, track, and more with the tools and services your business needs.

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Solve problems, get expert advice, and explore ways to expand your business.

Special Discounts and Promotional offer

Take advantage of special offers and savings on shipping and other products and  services-exclusively for small businesses.

Ship&Go Points

Find comprehensive business support with professional shipping and exclusive deals on the business services you need.