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Today’s consumers around the world expect immediate delivery. People want to know if the item they choose is available and how quickly they can get it. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers, distribution centers, and as a courier as we all work together to achieve the same goal – delivering orders to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We know that due to the expectations of your contractors, you will need solutions for multi-channel distribution of goods, using not one, but several specialized ones, including those that more and more often carry out foreign deliveries.

Your strategic advantage in goods delivery logistics


De la coșul de cumpărături, prin procesul de pregătire și monitorizare a expediției, până la opțiunile de soluții de returnare - clienții tăi vor aprecia nivelul ridicat de livrare!


Operațiuni automatizate în depozite și cooperare cu Cargus, monitorizare a proceselor în timp real, optimizare în ceea ce privește eficiența, costurile și resursele.


Extinde opțiunile de livrare pentru clienți, verifică costurile de livrare și calitatea livrărilor într-un singur sistem de expediții - Cargus Shipping Manager.

Choose a Solution fits to Your Company

Small and medium-sized businesses

WebExpress Online
up to 10000

shipments per month

  • Cloud-based web application on any web browser and any computer
  • Available from Cargus Website
  • Basic configuration at the company and user level
  • Simple and intuitive operation without restrictions on the number and users
  • Data handling automation

24 available

Medium and large companies

Shipping Manager 1.0
up to 200 000

shipments per month

  • The only advanced system for managing the warehouse process, logistics and distribution on the
  • Program installed in your environment with SQL Express database
  • Full configuration at company and user level required Parcel postpone guarantee
  • Simple and intuitive operation in a single or multi-station version
  • Integration with 30+ Market Places and eComm Platforms (online stores)
  • Free Plugins with Click&Collect & Time delivery checkout process
  • Integration with ERP and WMS systems
  • Data exchange with API
  • Packing assistant Pick & Pack SM Assistant (Android) supporting warehouse processes
  • Free Plugins with Click&Collect & Time delivery checkout process

77 available


API Cargus
full integration

with your systems

  • API that supports the purchasing process in the e-store in terms of the choice of delivery methods
    by the customer (home delivery, click&collect)
  • Client library including ready-made codes for developers, enabling quick and easy implementation
  • The widest range of API methods beyond the expected options
  • Guaranteed free support in the integration process
  • Free test environment
  • Full data exchange with Cargus Applications

advanced methods

Find out what functionalities are offered by the most advanced shipping system on the market

All delivery options

In one place the option to create labels with delivery to an address with a specific time of delivery or delivery to Ship & Go Point.

Integration with databases

Over 30 ready-made integrations with the most popular auction platforms, e-stores as well as ERP and WMS systems enabling immediate two-way communication and data exchange.

Full automation

One scan of the EAN / SKU code and you have printed labels and documents for shipment. Up to 2,000 orders processed by one warehouse employee! Cargus Shipping Manager will perform the actions automatically according to the established rules.

Printing of labels and documents

Print labels and accompanying documents such as invoice receipts or return notes for shipments automatically and in one moment - when packing goods! Up to 30 labels per minute for various carriers in the country and abroad!

Delivery monitoring

Proactively monitor the delivery of goods to eliminate possible delays. Get up to 40% fewer inquiries about the delivery stage when you share the shipment status in your store customer account. We will provide free support from our engineers in the process of implementing functionalities in your store!

Return shipments

You offer your customers a return of goods at your own expense. Automatically print and attach return labels to your shipment as standard as Amazon offers!

Notification system

Monitor the stage of parcel delivery on an ongoing basis, and thanks to the set rules, the recipient of your parcel will receive an email or SMS notification. You decide for yourself how the standard of notifications you send to your customers should look like!

Warehouse operations

Support for picking up and shipping orders in the warehouse carried out in the Pick & Pack SM Assistant mobile application in a warehouse scanner or a regular phone that automatically assigns the routing of picking orders from the shelf for the warehouse worker.

Your own standard of documents

You will create your own shipping label printout templates, supplementing them with your company logo, a return shipping label for a customer, a receipt or return instructions, or general conditions of sale of goods.

Scaled to your needs

Regardless of the number of shipments you send, Shipping Manager is a fully scalable tool that will grow with your business, available at no hidden costs!

Adapted to your needs

Shipping Manager allows you to implement any change tailored to the individual needs of your company, regardless of whether it concerns processes, integration with external systems or new carriers. We will do it quickly and with care for your budget!

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