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Green environment

Sustainable development is our 2025 goal

We feel responsible for our impact on our common environment, therefore one of the main initiatives we put before Cargus is sustainable development taking into account:

By 2025, we want to reduce CO2 emissions per package by 30% and allocate funds and investments to achieve this goal.

Our efforts will focus on the cities where pollution and population density are highest.

We want to become a key partner for cities and customers to jointly make Romania and the world a better and definitely cleaner place to live, because future generations deserve it!

Jaroslaw Śliwa, CEO of Cargus

Our key initiatives!

As one of the leaders in the logistics services market in Romania, Cargus as a whole company strives to reduce its environmental impact in order to improve the daily life of our community.
To achieve this, we have decided to implement emission reduction initiatives and innovative delivery solutions in every area of our business to reduce the carbon footprint of every shipment we deliver.

How do we want to achieve it?

Carbon neutral parcels deiveries

Already at the stage of creating our offer, we make an active effort to ensure that all our transport services support the environment. For this reason, we promote cost-effective alternative forms of delivery or postage that reduce energy and fuel consumption by our couriers.
We’re also add to our offer optional surcharge for all shippers to each parcesl, they want to help us in our activities and together support the effort for our planet. Collected funds will enable Cargus support green initiatives provided by external fundations and cities communities across Romania. We’re fully subventing our partners allocate collect surcharge vaule to support our home envirotment.

Low emission fleet and alternative Ship&Go deliveries program

Increase up to 75% number of fleet with the Euro 5 standard and test low emission alternative vehicles in major Romanian’s cities. Increase number deliveries with multiparceling delivery and pick up to alternative location like our Ship&Go Points, to dercres carbon emission

Corporate CSR environment activities program

We are neighbors and we live side by side, further in the group of our employees and associates, we promote a responsible approach to the consumption of natural resources such as light, electricity or water not only in our facilities but also in homes.
We also actively promote and support all the initiatives of the Cargus team that contribute to the increase in efficiency and consumption of resources that we use to ensure the highest-class delivery logistics throughout Romania and beyond its borders on a daily basis.